The WV Lung Cancer CareLine provides personalized assistance for patients who have been diagnosed with lung cancer, or being screened for lung cancer. The CareLine provides service to those seeking or currently receiving care in West Virginia for a lung cancer-related prevention or treatment service. 

At no cost to you, Patient Advocate Foundation case managers are here to help address any roadblocks to access and affordability:

Reduce Financial Burden

• Find local, regional, and national resources for financial support and practical needs such as housing, utilities, transportation, and food

• Educational and emotional support resources

• Guide patients through eligible workplace protections such as FMLA and ADA

• Give assistance engaging, applying, and appealing workplace benefits including short-term and long-term disability

Enroll into Appropriate Insurance, Charity and Social Programs

• Provide eligibility, enrollment and appeal navigation into Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Marketplace, and health insurance

• Evaluate eligibility and facilitate application to charity care and discount programs

Insurance Navigation

• Assistance such as benefit review, preauthorization, clinical appeals, billing and coding issues, out-of-network, second opinions and treatment decisions, and insurance plan interpretation

• Facilitate insurance appeals process for denied treatment and medications

You can reach the WV Lung Cancer CareLine team by calling (866) 684-2479.